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Friday, January 09, 2004

Welcome To The Pleasuredome

There goes a poof-a-nova!!

Frankie say Relax!! In other words, use poppers. After devouring a Bone in my Flute by Holly Johnson, reading how he was fucked over (not sexually) by the whole FGTH thing, but now is at peace with it. I was shocked then to see that Frankie Goes To Hollywood have reformed. Looking at the sad lads in the picture reminds us that Frankie was like Grease, it WAS the word, but it just isn't anymore. I bet Holly has got summit stuck in his craw seeing as 3 of the reformed band did fuck all anyway, maybe his regal scouseness gets a premium as he's the 'voice'. Joking aside Welcome to The Pleasuredome is one of the best LP's ever made, download it now as I'm sure some queen has it online somewhere .While you're at it, Frankie say "Download 'Male Stripper-Man2Man Meets Man Parish' too". Strip for me babe....

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