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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Calm Down Queer...

A show as poor as the quality of these picures.The straights are laughing now...Gay 90% Rubbish 9% Tar 1%- Product will harm fabric of society. Handle with care!!

Not for the first time we had the misfortune to be on the other side of the room from the remote control. Therefore were rooted to the seat by a horror called 'The Jules & Lulu Show', not THE Lulu just a Lulu. This ones a brown dog, the other a ginger one. The 'Jules' is the worst of the UK 'fab *gag* five. Hes small hes gay, and we suspect does anything for money. Looking every inch like a student project, this queer quiz is hidden away late night on ITV1. Take the lowest of production values a love of the star-wipes/'amusing' inserts, combine with a bin truck painted pink and two hapless straight couples, and the overall R-Factor is through the roof. Absolutely diabolical.

PS The pink dumper has 'Tragic' in a big label on the back. How true.

[Rubbish TV on : Murder She Wrote - BBC1 ]


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