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Thursday, February 12, 2004

So Lets Dance Through All Of This!!!

In the same vein as Sash! & DJ Sammy, 'Cunting By Numbers
Here's a readers comment it was rammed savagely into our box. Having turned toward the dark side some time ago, we don't mind rough male:-

re: "take me to the Clouds above".

When I moved to England, I expected to have found refuge from such eurotrash monstrosities as Lou Bega, DJ Bobo, Otzi, or (as you mentioned) Sammy, the type of cheesy dance fodder that never dared to take itself seriously and has remained a sort of in-joke within Old Blighty. Its own efforts, like the cheesy girls and steps, were made digestible by the ultra camp tongue in cheek presentation, whilst still managing to come up with some sort of novelty element, but this U2 sample loop with a demented distorted Des`ree lookalike doing a Whitney karaoke, probably recorded within 2 hours in a cheap third rate music studio, and flogged onto the streets 5 minutes after that, should be made illegal. If this kind of stuff is allowed why not make `angel dust` legally available to teenage pupils. This song is not funny, not camp, it has no melody, no originality, features a terrible voice, and a crap performance which when on TV was switched off within 10 seconds. If this is the new `hip` thing in music, or whatever them kids call it these days. No wonder that Whitney has become a crack addict then. Can Bono please stop trying to butt his big overinflated ego into the world of `politics` and sue these musical assassins, so that they can be appropriately incarcerated into the deepest dungeon, so that we may forget this atrocity ASAP. Think you might agree there,

Greets Tom

Tom, is our doppelganger/nemisis/dark mirror. We are him, and we are not amused!! PS This Time I Know It's For Real by Kelly Llorenna looks to be the new LMC, down the dumper with the pair of you. Northern clubland beckons!!

[Rubbish TV on: Miss Congeniality - Channel 5 ]

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