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Friday, February 13, 2004

A Fan Of The Tan

Shit on a stick at 140BPM

Some cunts have too much time on their hands, we should know. So we were not suprised when we came across this Kelly Llorenna fan site. Kelly Lorenna Forever!! I should hope not, this is excatly the type of tripe people on their 1st E fall in love with. If you see the single above in HMV, Virgin, etc, hide it behind the Scissor Sisters please. For those who are interested we fell in love with D:Ream on our 1st E, Flesh at The Hacienca. We were wearing a red bandana & ripped jeans. It was a very different time.

[Rubbish music on: Supermodel (You Better Work) - RuPaul ]

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