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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

A (Brown) Star Is Born!

Talk To Me, Like Lovers Do......and the son shall slay the father...Ooh, stick you!!

Meet Miss Dusty O, London Gayers and readers of fag-mags will already recognise this one/ Soon to be a star in New York and a star in L.A. Already rubbing shoulders with the hoi-paloi as seen above. Big in Japan wann-gay Pete Burns and old rubbish Daphnie & Celeste cling as close as they dare to Miss O. Not only is she on the 'circuit', she wants the mantle of Wroking Gays Club Singer and is recording camp songs as we speak. Yes, while Posh Victoria Adams Spice Beckham struggles to get a recording contract, Dusty has been signed by Klone!! As previously highlighted Klone Records strive to bring the most poppered up hi-energy to provincial gay pubs all over Britain (eg The Jolly Farmer-Oxford). It's new single 'Kiss Me', cover of odd 80's 'Tin Tin' Duffy 45 will be in your lowest grade discoteque by about nine to five. Meanwhile back at Klone, other new releases include double A side's (is there such a thing anymore?), White Flag/Naked In The Rain by Primero, bet that's hot. Also Get The Party Started/The Land Of Make Believe by Fizzarama, popperama more like. Already our heart is racing and we feel faint and kind of sexy at the same time...

[Rubbish music on: Brown Girl In The Ring - Boney m ]

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