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Sunday, February 15, 2004

The Boys From Brazil

A face that sucked a thousand cocks...

Back To Reality, if it did not exist someone would have to invent it. What may be the best show of the year so far (barring the upcoming Tracy Beaker Movie), has just begun. Like UB40 we gays are a 1 in 10, so each reality TV show may potentially have a fag. Trouble is normally it takes a while to cotton on whos Arthur and whos Martha. Obvious poofy behaviour Eg Brian Dowling is a good marker, but like most gays we still hope that the straight boys are a bit gay too. This always leads to disappointment later on, and reflects in the votes Eg Alex Sibley. So we start BTR with one advantage, we already know who is the gay player is, Ricardo.He is either tall and tanned and lean and lovely or a stick thin Brazilian fashion horror, but he holds all our eggs in his basket. As long as he doesn't try to wear it as a hat we should be OK. Ricardo Snippergay, you are the new champion of Rubbish Gays. Your mission is to piss off most of middle-england and so-called straight-acting gay men. Good luck and God speed my South American beauty.

[Rubbish TV on: Back To Reality - Channel 5 ]

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