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Friday, October 24, 2003

Rubbish Gays

We are the only gays in our village and often dress without the use of a mirror.
Keen daytime viewers will already recognise this motley pair, those who work may not. This is Colin & Justin, I never know which is which, both of whom are Scottish homos. They have a knack of entering a home & filling it with crappo design tips. These tips always consist of a radiator cover, potato prints on lamp shades & fruit arranged in groups of three Eg 3 oranges in a fire place or 3 bananas in the bath, etc. Judging from the picture above they have very little style, but at least they don't wear kilts, like the short fat scottish guy on 'insert crappo home show title here'.

[Rubbish TV on: Trading Up - BBC 1 ]

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