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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Barbie has a new mission

Fighting crime while avoiding the fashion police
As you can see Barbie has a new life ahead of her. Not a life of crime fighting it seems, but dressing badly. She is too thin for Wonder Woman, too old for Supergirl, and looks a twat as Batgirl. 'I wanna be Barbie, that bitch has everything!!' I remember seeing that on a gay t-shirt years back. Of course we used to be even more rubbish than we are now, and can see the error of our ways. Barbie shite is everywhere, fuckin Rapunzel Barbie, Cinderella Barbie, Kelly Osbourne Barbie, can you see a theme developing. As for that advert with Barbie's crap mix kitchen thing, brownies?? Fruity gels?? There's not even a fuckin doll in it. Where is Jem when you need her??

PS Don't get us wrong, we still want these dolls, curse our gayness!!

[Rubbish TV on: Liquid Assets Kylie's Millions - BBC 3 ]

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