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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cheap Fags

Thanks to Anonymous back in June (Yes we are THAT slow). Here's a picture of (money grabber, drop-of-a-hat) Sean Tully opening Poundland. It was back then and it was a landmark shop 100th I think.

Note pink shirt worn by young boy, note Gordon Kaye from 'allo 'allo in the middle. Furthermore check out the guy on the right. He looks disgusted. Damn right.

PS After watching Coronation Street we noticed Sean's love interest slip out his fingers. Thank fuck. That's all we can say. Thank fuck. Sean if you are reading this, we imagine you are the type of person that often Googles himself, PLEASE email us. We would love to hear from you. A man like you could easily become our biggest fan (bigger than Sir Holly Johnson. Our email is here just remove the naff.

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Sick, Weak, Fucked Off (Join Our Club)

You don't have to be Cher to believe but Rubbish Gays has been ill. Not that we have been ill for months, we have just been lazy on this column. We have been ill for a week, yes with a strong cough, but very strong. Our mother was involved!

The most heinous part to being ill is watching daytime television. Everybody Loves Raymond!! Now we hate this show, but this morning we laughed at it, several times, shame on us. Rosemary & Thyme, we have been watching it EVERY day and love it, shame on us. We are in bed by 11pm, shame on us. We avoided Gaydar for 2 weeks, shame on us. We haven't had gay sex for 6 weeks, shame on us. We haven't done Ketamine for 7 weeks now, nor weed for 4. We know we are letting our local dealers down, but we can't help it. SORRY.

PS Our Benylin was non-drowsy too!! Holy shit!!

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