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Friday, September 25, 2009

It's More Hair-Don't Than A Hair-doo!! or You Know Your Barber Is A Racist When...

Proving that you don't have to be Ce Ce PENIStone to have something finally happen, we at Rubbish Gays have paid to have our haircut. We have been addicted to our Clippers for about 6 years, but we conquered our fear, went to the local scally barber and paid out five English Pounds.

There was us and another 'bloke, waiting, we read the Daily Star.'Bloke' was on his mobile giving the 'wife' grief, he let us go first. Once in the chair Bloke loudly told Barber he had scabs on his head, one of which wouldn't go, he thinks it gets bigger because he kept picking at it. We were glad we went in front.

During my cut, barber told us a story, he heard from 'Pub Guy'. Pub Guy was parked in front of Focus DIY and went to Mcdonalds. On the way back, a black girl stopped him and asked for a chip. They got talking, she said she lived in the flats opposite and would he like to come over for a coffee. Pub Guy and black girl didn't have coffee but they did shag 'All for the price of a chip'. Amusing but not really racist. Wait for it.

Barber's brother told him a story about last week, how he was parked in Focus, went to Mcdonalds, met a black girl, you see where this is going. They fucked. So Barber told Barber's brother that this happened to Pub Guy a few weeks back, if I were you I would get myself check out for diseases. Barber then turned to Bloke and said..

"I don't know about you but in my book, black girls always have AIDS"

Bloke just nodded.

We thought 'What would Jackie Onasis would have done?'. We said nothing.

We are indeed Rubbish Gays, but on a brighter note we seem to make a convincing straight customer for card/scissor carrying members of the BNP. Welcome to Tyldesley.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All kinds of silly comments about mistaken gender references are so hard to take. Boo hoo.

love, Danyl

4:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You rubbish gays lead the high life in Tyldesley, no wonder you bland in so well

11:35 pm  
Blogger Stevo said...

Yus I bland in sew well.

6:27 pm  

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