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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Uh oh She's Got A Storyline Again....

They say that the best gays have no gag reflex, which accounts for our ability to do excellent deepthroat. This is true on the whole, except when it comes to Anthony Cotton. Gag-reflex or not he is enough to make even the most macho macho man puke in their handbag.

Yes one of our favorite rubbish gayers has been given a storyline on Coronation Street!! For the Helen Keller types out there we have highlighted the most unlikeliest aspect of this whole charade. There's going to be a Mr Gay Weatherfield? What the fuck? Are the writers on LSD? This is how Sean is supposed to meet the new love of his life? We apologise for all the question marks but what the fuck? Let's think.... Mr Gay Weatherfield, it's a bit like Mr Gay Salford, ain't gonna happen. We assume either Sean enters the competition or goes out with the winner of the competition. FYI Point 1, there are NO gays in Weatherfield. Point 2, Sean Tully is a reet hound, by which we mean ugly. Pointer Sisters aside this looks like the most barf making storyline since Deidre slept with Dev.

On a positive note. There maybe some local hunks on, and we all like to see big gays in our soaps. We are only hoping Blanche gets a big part in this upcoming travesty. We feel Blanche Hunt always brings a sense of realism to the table. Hold on, Anthony Cotton is on Twitter? We bet that is a laugh a minute. We will sign up for updates. This looks as if it could be pure gold!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bectha that Mr Gay weatherfield is gonna be a sootie or a nig nog. ITV has become ever so race traitoring a channel. They love selling off white trash to muddies, and make it look modern.

Sena tully is a fucking ugly media whore.

11:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sean Tully should be the next loose woman. She could be the twin to Denise Welsh.

4:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rubbish gays ought to write a review on this filth, it's 200 sean tullys in a room pretending to be porn stars, and also each being paid a 20 - pound note for it, and a free can of Lilt, probably

3:40 pm  

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