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Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't look at me!

We use Gaydar chat too much. There, we confess. Liberating as this is, it's not helping. The 'chat' aspect seems mostly to be lost on a majority of the 'members'.


However this fuckin namby panmy generation of ipod fags have naff all to say for themselves. Apart from...
'I'm bored'
'This is boring'
'Bored now!'

'I'm dying from bordem'

Guess what kids? A picture speaks a thousand words, and nothing says 'I'm a nerdy half-twit' more than having a badge. With the spirit of badges and pictures in mind. We here at Rubbish Towers have created this elegant badge. Just for you!

Wear it with pride! Just so we can all see you coming, you know, and pretend to look busy.

Don't look at me wearing my badge. S'really boring.

[Rubbish TV on:Diagnosis Murder BBC1]

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Blogger Anon Dirty said...

Are there unwritten rules about gaydar chat? Can you go cruise with only chat on your mind?

8:16 pm  
Blogger Ant said...

I have a love hate relationship with gaydar. I met my current boyfriend through it (not meeting up for about 6 months) - but the amount of crap I had to wade through was unreal. I also hate that logon photo that occasionally comes up with that block with a smug expression and his hand down his pants. C*nt.

8:57 pm  

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