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Friday, January 20, 2006

Inappropriate Touching

Pete burns what a fucker. We try to steer clear of Big Brother due to the blog clog & subsequent comedown after Big Brother 5. Circumstances now thou have conspired against us and made us face up to our past.

When rubbish gays was younger a friend bought them Dead Or Alive's Nude album for a present. We had of course already directed the madam what to buy. What else are fag hags for if you can't control their every purchase. The cover as you can see featured out Pete with his baps out. Except they aren't really baps and he looks quite fit is you put your thumb over the face, a la H steps in Dreamcoat. Well yes the bare flesh stirred our loins enough to have several wanks over said elpee sleeve. Turn around and count to 10 inches.

Readers maybe aware that the internet wasn't invented in the 80's and colour images of men without tops on weren't ten-a-penny. Gays turn into queers and before we knew it this sad masterbation inspiration from times ass had been forgotten, down well with Sakudo from Ring. All this changed whenl Pete entered the BB house. Now hes there, with his lips & his cheeks & tits. Its wrong all wrong.

We would like to point out that we have a high respect for Mr Burns *excellent*. We even bought his solo single with the Pet Shop Boys, but we shall never again shed a pearl tears from our jap's eye again over Miss Nukleaopatra. After all, we were never breast men.

PS We used to fancy Nigel Havers too but haven't been able now can't stick the twat since 1985.

PPS Talking of inappropriate, we were visiting a friend just for a social brew last week and we had a sly wank in their toilet. Lord only knows why, but we know now this was wrong. Sorry Craig.


[Rubbish TV on: Hollyoaks - Channel 4 ]


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