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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bi Another Gay

You won't forget about me

Bisexuals!! If you're a real gay normally you will have a marmite reaction to them. Love them, or hate them. We like most sane homos, hate them. Not them individually (well some), but the whole 'bisexual' itself. 'Best of Both Worlds' is a term we only like to hear in reference to the best ST:TNG episodes EVER. Bisexuals are neither fish nor foul, but most likey smell of both.

The closet:This is where they live.

Their Women:They NEVER tell.

Their Men:They want them to never tell, but will regail with stories about muff diving on the missus.

Their Car: A family one. Think of the children.

Their Role Models: Mick Jagger & David Bowie. SEE MAIN PHOTO. They may have bi-bummer crazy once, but they don't talk about it now and both married models, so in fact were always straight, thank you!!

Their Relationship With other Bi/GayMen: Um, relationship?

Their Balls: Unshaven

Their Bush: Unkempt

Their Profiles On Gaydar: Lacking in words and pictures.

Their Childhood : No internal struggle with sexuality.

Their Teenage Years: No Painful 'coming-out' process.

Their TV Viewing: Men & Motors, The Bill & *snigger* football.

Their Secret TV Viewing: An old VHS copy of the rimming scene in Queer As Folk.

We would like to enter into a correspondance with a 'Bi' (men only sorry ladys), in a view to building a bridge, and publishing uninteninally humouros emails. If you are game let us know.

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