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Friday, November 11, 2005

While You Were Wanking...

While we have been away our favorite blog ie. this one, has been featured on You may remember for having ace chat a few years back until Gaydar chat pissed all over it from a great height. However due to our recent Gaydar ball-ache we may be heading back... Anyhow without further ado, lets stroke the ego with the afforementioned artice for those too lazy to click the link.

Homo blogging

7 September, 2005

What first started as a vanity project for geeks with too much time on their hands has fast become a global phenomenon.

Yes, blogs are taking over the world. With a new one created every second, and 900,000 posts estimated each day, the often bizarre ramblings of strangers have become the focus of the planets attention.

And the trend has not been lost on gay bloggers, with a just as broad a selection focussing on the gay minutiae: men, music and sometimes random forms of masturbation springing up across the internet.

To help you stay up to date with the best gay blogs, weve searched the peaks and the very many troughs to find the best blogs around to bring you two of the best each month.This month, we celebrate what's rubbish about being gay and enjoy the purest pop we can find.

Mmm online gay press...

[Rubbish TV on: The Paul O'Grady Show - ITV1 ]


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