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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Madonna's A Fuckwit, Who Knew...

We at Rubbish Gays don't care about much, but Madonna is one of those rare exceptions. However like the bad seed she could now be rotten to the core. To stop the rot we have written a letter to Maddy. *Ahem* here goes...

Dear Madonna,

What the hell do you think you're doing you royal spaz!! Fucking playing G-A-Y. What the cunting fuck are you thinking? We saw you last live at your 'Girlie Show' tour, you were a bit down on your luck then. Since you became a FUCKING SELLOUT, your pockets have never been so lined. We haven't seen you live since 'cos you have a fucking bare-faced rouged up cheek with those ticket prices. Look Bitch I bought Erotica AND Bedtime Stories, no other fucker did, and look how you repay loyal fans like us. Saying 'Oh yeah I'm gonna tour (AND I AM GONNA SCAM THESE FUCKERS TO FUCK, PINK POUND HAHA THEMS ARE MY POUNDS).

Even though your new album is hot you still got a lot of crimes to answer to lady. These include the GAP advert, the Britney duet *gag*, the Bond theme & American Pie, those pissing cuntflap children's books that you brought out, 'Mr Peabody's Cock' or what ever the hell it was. Point is, you didn't used to do all this shit. Get a mirror wench & see what you've become, you whore. We thought you were over the worst of it, should have checked our heads though with that irritating 'Hello Moto' advert. Your face looks a bit like Odo from Deep Space Nine in that by the way. We know you are getting on but talk about troweled on, what next? Vaseline all over the lens. That's just plain wrong, Vaseline is for lips & gay foreplay only!!

This brings us on to our main beef. G-A-FUCKING-Y oh why? Are you all of a sudden Liberty X or Posh Spice?? Have a bit of self-respect you leotarded sow. G-A-Y is run by the evilest man in Gaytainment Jeremy Joseph, met the twat have you? No thought not, bet you've had him gushing on the phone though. Not only does he ming, he is also from Mongo. Having seen his taudry website is seems tickets for your G-A-Y *snigger* show are only available for sad thin queens who suck off Jeremy. Is this the kind of audience you want?? All tank tops, haircuts & spray-on tan. G-A-Y is a cheap tacky piece of crap we're suprised you want to be associated with. Cher would use this place as an ashtray, talk about a dump. So when you take your bow and hear your Belsen like audience cheering, remember, they probably cheered more for Steps. You'd better hope it's not another night of 'Poppers On The Dancefloor (Better not kill the groove & pass me WKD).

Anyway we hope this E-mail has come as a wake-up call. Maybe you need to fall off that horse again though, because we have a feeling you don't give a shit. Well missy neither do we, we downloaded American Life a few years back & Confessions On A Dancefloor last week, both on the sly. So you can fuck off to any money owed through sales you grasping hag. I've had enough of eating your shit sandwich and demand you take a bite back, demented skank.

Yours sincerely

Rubbish Gays

PS Saw a clip of you on Parkie, wouldn't wear that top & raise your arm again love, bingo wings you got. Tie some red string around those flabby fuckers!!

PPS Your latest elpee is actually quite ace. See, we don't want to hate you. You just make us so mad sometimes.

Ooh I hope she writes back!! We would well shit our pants!!

[Rubbish TV on: Popworld - CHANNEL 4 ]


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Blogger DanProject76 said...

I am not a spam!

Hello. I believe that once again you speak for all non-rubbish gays when you say that about Madonna. I hate to agree with Sharon Osbourne about anything, especially as she looks like a waxwork on helium but the Madonna/Whore barometer has officially swung over to the bad side. Those G.A.Y gays will love the cheesy new album which I have already downloaded and deleted in protest.

Gotta go, I am dying that ball of string that I bought bright red and then I shall be lurking at the queue at the Astoria to fleece those emaciated little sheep.

11:23 am  
Blogger Stevo said...

Fucking hell!! A human!! Cheers ears.

What the fuck is with this spam??!! Someone's arse needs kicking, and not in the good way!!

11:58 am  
Blogger answer-man said...

ps I'm having a little trouble sending comments so if I do it twice please excuse me and I apologize.

2:26 am  

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