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Monday, December 15, 2003

Readers Lives

Ferrero RocherMatchmakers

From: A Gay
Date: 14 December 2003 14:19
Subject: How The Mighty Have Fallen

Dear Rubbish Gays,
This gay found himself hankering after
some old skool Kitten magic, and finding this CD Single cover on google (see
attachment atomic1)

Compare this fresh-faced bunch of pop beauties with the wizened pop crows on
atomic2. As discussed, the cover art is reminiscent of Microsoft Word, while
the girls themselves appear to have had a night in a Barbie beauty parlour
whilst off their cake on drugs.

I fear the dumper beckons... Or at the very least the chicken-in-a-basket
circuit.... Poor cows.

Nick x

Indeed, what on earth has happened to the Kits/Kats?? Ladies Night? More Like Girls World. Makeup by Aunt Sally, hair by Ricardo. Being a gay, and consequently a bit rubbish Mr A Gay (Nick) has made one glaring error. Just as Bananarama have tried to cover up Jacquie O'Sullivan, A. Kitten have erased all traces of Kerry 'Attentionseeking' Katona. For evidence we also turned to Google, see Exhibit Blee below. What's that?? They weren't always blonde??

So young now...

In conclusion, Love Doesn't Have To Hurt, but neither does shoving this unwanted trio in a sack and chucking it in t'canal.

[Rubbish TV on: Blue Peter - BBC 1 ]

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