Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Girls Rule. Women Are Funny, Bebe, Get Over Yourself, Seriously

[UPDATED 18/08/17]

'Funny women'(Sorry Babs, not you) as a type has been on the fence with us for a while. It is only this evensong we had even considered 'Is this Women-Gone-Wild any good, funny if you will? We were struck by the recent glut of these flicks, our sounding came forth.

Let's start with Bridesmaid's, well have only seen bits of it. Ghostbusters, well, the same. Bad Neighbors 2, now here we go. We remember the first one, a funny Rose Byrne, the always good Seth Rogan & the ultra-fit Zac Efron. It had moments were genuinely funny. The sequel? We do not remember er, finishing it. Shish! Again, why do we never finish things. It might take you a moment to read this sentence. We have gone and comeback from re-watching Bad Neighbors 2, just to...refresh memory? Are you buying that? We shall return, like Superman (only better). (PS We love Brandon Ralph, either then, the 'missing years' or now!! We would R(g)AY PALMer his dick for him, we hear like Liam Neeson he has a long cock that needs rolling back up)(This job we would do).


To update this current velum, we have re-watched (Bad) Neighbors 2. For some reason we assumed Drew Barrymore was in it. She isn't). After our shilly-shallying earlier we come suddenly to our review. It was....pretty, pretty good. However Seth Rogen in this film is funnier than all the other female cast members. In conclusion we suspect this was the wrong one to discuss on this subject.

Moving on didn't work for Bananarama, nor did it work for STEPS. Third time's the charm? So not actually moving on, Pitch Perfect. We really enjoyed this, Bridesmaids didn't see it all & Night at the Museum 3 we kind of liked. The Museum one isn't a 'Women-Go-Wild' film but is DOES feature Rebel Wilson. Now her, Rebel and Melissa McCarthy are the start of a perfect Wild movie recipe. Maybe with Kristan Schall and we suspect Samuel L Jackson, sounds tasty but as you can read we are not writers. BTW HOLLYWOOD JEW WRITERS GET ON BOARD, MAKE THIS!!
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