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Monday, May 01, 2017

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

It's 2017, Rubbish Gays has been on their first Grindr meet. There could be many reasons why the time was right, none of which are to be dwelled on here. We at Rubbish Gays were aware of all the hints n tips of a meet. Correction, we used to know how it all worked thanks to 2005-2011 Gaydar. Rubbish Gays back in the day used to um, rule Gaydar. Well, show off in the Manchester Chat/Cruising Room. In the day Rubbish Gays used to have a car & be a bit thinner, our profile would turn heads. Flash forward to last week. What could a sex/drugs be like nowadays? The arrangement, taxi & travel were very quick. First hurdle cleared. He was alright, chatty but always fiddling with his phone. He was in and out the living room, kitchen, toilet still on his phone. During all this his flat mate came in, sat down. He was fully dressed (I will mention now we were naked and nowhere near sex). Porn was on the gentlemen's HD tv, fit flat mate start to pull in his jean crotch. This he only did twice for ten seconds in two minutes. After which he left the room never to return. Meanwhile the gentleman caller we had visited earlier was still in & out of the room. Another porn was put on 'for me?'. After being left 30 minutes alone, we got dressed. After another ten minutes he came back in the room, (oddly enough bearing in mind he hasn't seen us for a while DRESSED). We asked him to call a taxi, meanwhile he was telling me some 'mates' were coming over. Looking back, it was a good idea we left. If fact it would have been better had we never went at all In conclusion there is NO difference between meets now & then, just more pictures nowadays. We thank you.

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