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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Shit Stabbers

Yes, he's a cunt!! On Gaydar he is, look for him, message him, please.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And he's a niggalover, for fuck sake. Who is he to have a rant about being std free, if he is willing to have it off with these shit people.

And his pic with fag hag, and pic with 2 (better looking than him) mates, reeks of sad desperation.

34? don't think so mate, add at least another decade to it, then we're closer to your real age, hun.

Bet this absolute CUNT takes loads bare in the Basement sauna saturday nights, then goes for a martini with his girlie friends to have a giggle, and pretend he's a wholesome living queer.

For guys like him, it's easy to be safe always, as his traffic has dried up. The milk train don't stop there anymore.

5:23 pm  

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