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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Is God Fit?

Smallville has a hottie, no it's not God, though if you haven't downloaded DC's The Bible you should do so now.

No it's gay named Oliver Queen (I love a queen get it?). Gawd he's fit AND wears a costume and everything. The Green Honest is funny, but Green Arrow is horny. Check out his pictures. We used to think Clark Bent was fit but now he's agreed to marry Lois Lame, it happened over 10 years ago in the comics so we shouldn't be suprised. Get ready for Olkly wearing a suit, drool, with luck he will take his top off. BTW this is the last ever season of Smallville so get onoard while there is still time. Clark has the suit but hasn't become Superman yet. We wait!!


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