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Friday, June 05, 2009

Two Gays In A Bath One Says To The Other 'Where's The Soap'?

...and the other says 'Yes, It does doesn't it'. OK we know this classic joke is really about 2 nuns in a bath, but there are gay times ahead in our nations soap operas so an emergency substitution is acceptable.

As seen in above article Rubbish Gay Anthony Cotton's character Sean Tully in Coronation Street is getting a new love interest. As he is so rubbish and camp we ask ourselves 'What will this new beau look like?' See above. He is fit, attractive and waaaay out of Sean's league. So we ask ourselves WTF?

While we were WTF-ing ourselves THIS came in....

OMG Eastenders are at it too!! And at the same time!! To be honest we think Christian is a lil bit hot, we have perved on him before. We would definitely do him. He has a thing for wearing vest tops, we have weedy arms so are unable to partake of the vest/tank top.

So we at Rubbish Gays are going to throw all our weight behind the Eastenders gay storyline. We would actually quite get turned on when they make out, whereas with Coronation Street we are gonna need a bucket when Sean starts his seduction routine. May we add 'blee'.

OK, forewarned is forearmed. Get ready for a hot summer gayfest, some of it won't be pretty, but like a car accident we won't be able to help looking (and being sick), and neither will you. Enjoy!

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Blogger rob said...

scroll down to see sean tully in poundland

3:04 pm  

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