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Friday, November 28, 2008

Cotton Picking Faggot

Jeez louise. Sorry this is late. We missed it too. It made us want to blog again. Thank you Anthony you sad trout.

We can't imagine his agent's phone call. Well maybe we can.

"Hi Tony luvvie, got a great gig lined up for you. Well you know you are cheap yup yup and quite rubbish yup yup, and what's your favorite shop?? Not Primark, the other one. Yeah that's right Poundland. They are opening their 200th store. YES WAY! I knew you'd love it. They will pay for a taxi to and from the store and say you can get a 30% discount at ALL their branches. I KNOW!! Seventypenceland it will be for you. OK OK I'm texting the details to you now. Love to Blanche. Byyyyye"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hot Young Gay Cock

All villages have them!! A seedy eating establishment. In Manchester McTuckys is a by word for rancid. Alas we are rubbish and found ourselves hungry and well.... They always say it tastes like chicken but in McTuckys it smells like teen spirit.