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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Don't Have To Be Dannii Minogue To Begin To Wonder (Woman)

As we have been idling fingering the internet this evening we became ware there was a bit of a to-doo about this months Playboy cover. There it is, right above. Hmm some skank dressed up as the real Princess Diana. We know, not really our area. However our image seach threw up this following slice of comic based erotica.

Suffering Sappho!! Talk about Great Fucking Hera!! Tie us up, make us pay for the evil ways of Man's World!!

[Rubbish TV on : Law & Order:Criminal Intent- Hallmark]

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The Gay Before You Came (In My Mouth Without Warning)

You don't have to be Rubbish to be Gay, but if we say ABBA MUSEUM, are you damp? Yeah well be prepared to stay moist. The picture above is an artists impression of how the faggiest museum in history is gonna look. Note in foreground Rubbish Gay on mobile. Tantalising we know, but as it's still being built there is very little to go on. We are assuming by then either Freda or Agnetha will be encased in carbonite and on display for all unsundry to rub against.

June 2009 they have penciled in for opening. We have updated our Google calender and it seems we have some free time. Spread the news, keep your diary clear, let your mother know.

[Rubbish Music on : ABBA - Does Your Mother Know?]

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Fag Looses It!!!

Being in The Sun we wouldn't have noticed this. Cheers Digitalspy!!

Thank fuck for that. What a load of old wank that was. Cotton, you're fine on The Street, but know your place.

[Rubbish TV on : ITV1 Coronation Street]

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Tradesmen's Entrance

We at Rubbish Towers recently sprang a leek in our cistern. We kalled the kouncil, they kame. We took the above cheeky shot while his back was turned. How he escaped with his hymen intact we are still unsure of.

[Rubbish TV on : BBC1 Diagnosis Murder]

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In Surbubia

HOT GOSSIP!! Fresh from Tyldelsey town walls. Alex Roberts you are a bi!! The secret is out!! You dirty cunt!!

BTW Alex if u iz a fit lad with a big dik mail us by clicking here!! If however Alex, you are a girl, then keep on walking, Dungarees 'R' Us has moved down t'road to Leigh.

[Rubbish TV on : BBC1 Diagnosis Murder]