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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ooh Byker Ooh Byker...Byker GROVE!!

Nobby HeadGay HeadSlap head

R.I.P. Another one bites the dust. First the demise of Smash Hits, now the shocking news that Byker Grove has been cancelled, has sent Rubbish Gays spinning around. What next no more 'My Parents Are Aliens'?!?!

OK Well in the spirit of the afterglow Byker Grove salute you! Nobby with your fumbling gay kiss in the cinema with your minging mate. I mean of all the lads down the Grove, I would if Nobby have chosen Marcus. Funnily enough, so did he, remember Point Break? Ho ho. Pop is vile but alive!

Andrew Hayden-Smith, the puns with his name are far to obvious. His 'straight' character had a massive eppy after his 'straight' fit older mate died joy riding. We remember him making a sad thing on the dead lads grave spelling his name (which we cant remember (curse Google) in pebbles. *sniff*. Of course Andrew is one of the new breed of Rubbish Gays, they are young, pretty and rich. Fuck them and the white pony they rode in on.

Ant & Dec, the pseudo fagettes 'Tonight I'm Free' Oh yeah PJ & Duncan. PJ I could have done without, but PJ fuck me! Talk about an Automatic High for us. Then he went blind *sniff*. With great beauty comes great tragedy. Yet it seems Ant & Dec too are Rubbish Gays, wannagays. In retrospect this pair are a simulacra, a bit like Dick & Dom but shitter names.

Byker Grove, gone yet not forgotten. May you rest in peace next to Press Gang and Children's Ward.

[Rubbish music on: High Energy - Evelyn Thomas ]


Blogger Ant said...

Hellooooh. Just reading through your posts - loved this - fuck them all indeed.

8:51 pm  

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